Sunday, June 26, 2016

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night, #Remain ( #Brexit #EUref )

I'm expanding on a Facebook rant I went on.

From Facebook.

One of the tenets of a strong democracy, is a loud vocal opposition. So, I say this to the Remainers ...

The leaders of Leave campaign are weak and have showed their cards. They made unfounded threats, invoked emotional outbursts, dire warnings, and impressed upon voters the immediacy of the need to withdraw from the European Union.

Hold them to it.

Why haven't they insisted on invoking Article 50? Why are they letting the Prime Minister and the governing Conservatives off the hook till Cameron's successor is chosen? They have a clear mandate - why the delay? Why do they want a sober second opportunity to renegotiate their place in the Union? Why do you have to remain quiet because they won?

The Scots, who held an independence referendum not too long ago, were promised continued EU membership. What now?

Screw it. And, screw the people that say, "Well, let it go .. the people have spoken."

Contrary to public opinion, shutting up because you lost is *not* democracy. Do you think the leadership and campaigners for Leave would be quiet had Remain won? Not a chance.

Sign the petitions. Join the Liberal Democrats. Move to Canada. Start a blog. Make ‪#‎WeAreFucked‬ trend on Twitter.

They made the bed, they get to lie in it.

There's liberation in being in Opposition and being right.

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Well they could always try this......