Monday, October 26, 2015

Orange Crash ( #ndp #cdnpoli )

Unadulterated arrogance was the reason for the NDP election loss - and it`s on full display in this article. They point to everyone else but themselves for their loss.
Craig Scott, who was defeated in Jack Layton’s old riding of Toronto-Danforth ... wrote, “Liberal MPs … were fundamentally lazy, sitting passively in their corner of the House … and arrogantly waiting for the messiah to take them back to the promised land of power.”
“The backroom lobbyists moved over to the Trudeau team,” [Charlie Angus] wrote. “Corporate Canada is a more content place today."
 “I think maybe Canadians weren’t ready for us, didn’t understand some of the differences between the NDP and the Liberals,” [former NDP MP, Megan Leslie] said.
Strategic voting was to blame. The corporate elite was to blame. Our platform and our team was perfect. Everybody but the NDP was to blame.

Spoiled, entitled, and angry.

Although, to be fair, some are more than ready to step up and slap anybody who publicly criticizes the party. Perhaps that's why we see such fervent partisanship.

Four years in the wilderness will be good for them.