Saturday, July 25, 2015

Congratulations on 10 Years, Progressive Bloggers! ( @Prog_Blog #cdnpoli )

Today, I'm heading out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Progressive Bloggers - hoisting a few jars with some great bloggers, blog readers, and political activists. I'm fortunate to participate in this group as a blogger and moderator.

For a number of years, I had the distinction of being simultaneous a member of both the Blogging Tories and Progressive Bloggers. I always (and still do) consider myself a "progressive conservative" - small "p" and small "c"on both fronts - a Red Tory - and have always blogged from that standpoint.

Progressive Bloggers' staying power can be found in the depth and richness of its membership. Each blogger is not bound to a single viewpoint, or a single ideology - in fact, some of the biggest online debates have occurred between the members. We've had people publicly protest the aggregator, start competing aggregators, and rail against individual members and posts.

It still endures - reaching some 60,000 page views a month.

For a long time, blogging was really the only outlet activists had to be heard over the competing voices of political parties and the media, and if you weren't a conservative activist, you migrated to Progressive Bloggers.

Today, blogging competes with Facebook and Twitter for audiences.

I haven't blogged much in recent days, but even as I write this post - I realize what compelled me to blog in the beginning.

A blog post has no limitations. I can write what I want, in the length I want - my audience will read it or not. The comments are from people who want to read my blog for what it contains.

I have a feeling there'll be more posts here soon.

But - you're not reading this for me!

Here's to 10 years of Progressive Bloggers, and many, many more!

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A Kisaragi Colour said...

As someone who identifies as a tory and consistently gets placed to the left of the NDP on political quizzes I was wondering how much difficulty you had getting your blog accepted. I have had some difficulty.