Friday, February 21, 2014

Interview with Brian Rice ( #lib14 #lpc #cdnpoli )

Brian is well known to many members of the Liberal Party. He has toured the country delivering electoral district association training. His message is to build strong riding associations to ensure an electoral success.

He will endeavour to continue touring the country - if he's in a riding, he'll deliver his training program. His plan is to formalize the training program as a function within the party. Again, he reiterated the strength of the party lies in the strength of local riding associations.

We spoke about past presidents talking to the media - he will not address the media without the specific request of the leader or staff.

He'd like to have a board mandate that member ideas can be percolate up to the top easy - create a structure where questions can be answered.

About his blog, he'd like to have the means to continue to connect. He's very active on social media.

Speeches for president start at 6:30, Brian's speech follows Anna Gainey's.

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