Tuesday, February 04, 2014

How John Tory Lost Me ... Again ( #topoli )

The first time was when he suggested evolution was still "just" one of many theories that should be taught in schools. Voters soundly defeated him for such backward thinking.

Now, he has raised the ire of some by suggesting that the pay equity gap in Canada can be solved by women being more aggressive when asking for raises or, as he put it, "learning how to play golf". John referred to studies and personal anecdotes.

Having engaged in a number of debates on this topic, defenders of John Tory took to explaining how the business world works - personality and networking is as important as performance as a determinant of success. It's a shame that that's the way it is, but "thems the breaks" - might as well learn golf to impress the boss.

I'd humbly suggest that what we see as drive and success in business could perhaps be a product of circumstance. I'd also humbly suggest that there are barriers that people cannot overcome simply by being told that that's what they have to do to succeed.

I'd also admit the rules won't change overnight, but sometimes it takes leadership to shine a light on the fact.

I'd suggest John isn't that leader.


the salamander said...

.. I often notice people, who like John Tory.. speak very very quickly.. I find it amazing. How can they process or form their thoughts yet keep up with the outflow required?

I also note that John Tory seems to speak much faster on radio than while on TV .. I wonder about this odd phenomena as well.

Like most 'radio personalities' and/or talk shows hosts.. John Tory seems quite certain that his views are the correct ones.. and guests or call ins are there to provide a 'prompt' for those views..

Should I care ?

Not really ...

Anonymous said...

An observation ....is he a religious zealot as well?

Unknown said...

I don't believe John is a religious zealot. I believe he's the victim of his own success and some bad political advice.