Thursday, February 06, 2014

Canada's Veterans Need Protection from Conservatives, Part 3 ( #cdnpoli #cpc )

If you had told me I'd need to draw your attention to this government's continued disdain for Canada's veterans again, I'd have said that even Conservatives could not stoop that low.

Well, I'd have been wrong.
Some Canadian soldiers given medical discharges find they don't qualify for benefits because Veterans Affairs uses different, more stringent criteria in an "unfair" process, the military ombudsman told a Senate committee Wednesday [source, Huffington Post]
Canadian soldiers, being publicly encouraged to seek help, are being denied benefits.

It's from the pages of Catch-22. If you can seek help, you must not need help.

With the closure of Veterans Affairs centres and with the Conservative Party turning their backs on veterans, those hard to get benefits are going to be even harder to get.

It's time to dump the Conservative Party.

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