Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pickering Unanimously Supports Motion Demanding Airport Transparency ( #NoPickeringAirport #cdnpoli )

HUGE THANKS to all who came to Pickering council last night: we packed the house and wowed them with our accuracy, facts and passion. It was a wickedly cold night, with blowing snow, but we still had supporters from throughout the Region and Toronto. 
[Councillor David] Pickles' motion, calling upon the Federal Government for transparency, release of information and cooperation with the City and other stakeholders, was passed unanimously by all six councillors and the mayor. 
Five of the six councillors ([Doug] Dickerson, [Bill] Maclean, [Jennifer] O'Connell, Pickles, and [Peter] Rodrigues) all spoke strongly against an airport. Coun. Maclean said it was the strongest delegation he'd ever heard in all his 13 years on council, while Coun. Rodrigues spoke from the heart on his long-standing opposition to an airport. Coun. O'Connell argued strongly that the motion should be amended to include a reaffirmation of council's opposition to an airport, but the amendment was denied by Mayor Ryan. 
Speaking in support of the motion were Land Over Landings' Chair, Mary Delaney and representatives of several of our sister organizations: Kevin O'Connell (Friends of the Rouge Watershed), Brian Buckles (Green Durham), David Masters (Treasurer of both the Claremont District Community Association & Land Over Landings), and Jim Boyle (CDCA). 
Former Pickering councillor and [Liberal] MP Mark Holland dropped in between meetings to show his support, while members of PACT-POW (Pickering Ajax Citizens Together/Protecting Our Water) made their excellent deputations and joined with us in an evening of articulate, passionate and well-reasoned argument for the protection of our shared water, food and air. 
It was a night to be remembered.
To all those who sent emails, tweets, texts and phone calls of support, who were unable to attend because of snowed-in driveways, bad roads, illness or other engagements, thank you. We felt your love and support and were energized by it.
**The full text of the motion and of Land Over Landings' deputation will be available soon, as will details of our next meeting, which will be open to all.

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