Thursday, January 02, 2014

I'm Running to be Pickering-Uxbridge #LPC Riding President ( #PickeringUxbridge )

A riding whatsit? :)

Interestingly, I had a conversation with someone about what a riding president does exactly. Essentially, the riding association president is the conduit between the party and the riding. The president acts on behalf of the party in the riding, and on behalf of the riding members to the party.

The riding association is on the ground before, during, and after an election - keeping the party top of mind of residents. The work of the riding association is especially important when the riding is unheld - we don't have the luxury of sharing the spotlight with an MP, or even necessarily a nominated candidate.

It's through these initiatives that we increase party awareness, increase party membership, and increase party donations. Thereby setting the groundwork for a nomination campaign and a future election campaign.

With redistribution, Durham Region will have a new riding comprising the entire city of Pickering and the township of Uxbridge. Pickering-Uxbridge will be created from pieces of the old ridings of Ajax-Pickering, Durham, and Pickering-Scarborough East.

I've enjoyed immensely the time I've spent on the executive of the Ajax-Pickering riding association.

I volunteered to manage the social media accounts for the Ajax-Pickering riding association. I felt that with Ajax-Pickering home to a Conservative "rising star", it was necessary to make sure the riding was publicly communicating with the community.

I also reached out to Land Over Landings, and with them, authored a Liberal policy resolution to Protect the Pickering Lands which was subsequently prioritized by Central Region Liberals.

I've been a Liberal activist for some time; I've been an accredited blogger, a door knocking volunteer and donor.

The cutoff date for membership to qualify to vote at the founding meeting is January 9th.

The founding meeting for the new riding is January 16th at 7:30 pm, at the East Shore Community Centre
910 Liverpool Rd South, Pickering, ON L1W 1S5.

If you live in the riding, or know someone who does, please consider joining the party by January 9th and supporting my candidacy.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chris Alexander will run in this one. It seems somewhat more favourable than Ajax-Pickering as its a mix of suburban and rural as opposed to Ajax-Pickering which will be entirely suburban. Off course best of luck.

Unknown said...

I think Chris has some thinking to do - that's for sure.

And, thanks!

John Doe said...
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