Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention 2013 Coverage (#olpldr)

I will be attending the Ontario Liberal leadership convention as an accredited blogger. You can follow my coverage here, on Twitter (@progright), and on Google+. I'll also work out something with Scott about streaming coverage via Progressive Bloggers.

Full disclosure, I stood as a Sandra Pupatello delegate, but did not land a delegate spot. I decided not to stand as alternate.

I'd like to thank the Ontario Liberal Party for accrediting bloggers to the convention. I argued on behalf of allowing bloggers access even while running as a delegate and this is a great indication that they "get" social media.

That all said, this will be my first provincial Liberal convention. I'll be there bright and early on the Friday morning right through to the count of the last ballot.


bigcitylib said...

So what happens between registration and opening at 4:30? I'm wondering if I should head back home after reg. and come down again in aft.

Unknown said...

The agenda for Friday is looking a little light, but I'm not likely going to go home.

I'm thinking there'll be a pub and/or hospitality suite with my name on it. :)