Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cheaper Keggers Under Tim Hudak? #onpoli

The University of Ottawa Conservatives are notably excited by the prospect of buying cheaper booze in Ontario. I've noticed one other university student tweet touting the benefits of cheaper alcohol in Ontario if students vote for Tim Hudak's Conservatives.

Cheap alcohol is one way to motivate youth to vote.

I'm not a prude, by any stretch - but, one of the chief arguments against increased availability of alcohol is with regard to youth consumption in the province.

I wonder how this will play up in a debate? Is this an official Conservative campaign talking point?


Anonymous said...

The drinking age is 19. Raising the age to 21 would be the obvious move if youth drinking were seriously a problem. Presumably, it isn't.

There is no correlation between cost, access and abuse. Ontario would have the lowest dui's and alcoholism rates etc. in North America if this were true.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that, but that wasn't the purpose of the post.

I'm just interested why the Conservatives are advertising that there'll be cheaper alcohol for university students. Doing so, invites criticism of their policy from pro-LCBO advocates.

Chris Slothouber said...

Lower alcohol prices (as in QC) means less money in the government coffers. What will Hudak be forced to cut due to the forgone revenues?

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse lower prices with lower taxes.Alcohol is tax differently then say cars or microwave ovens. Gov't revenues will be fine.