Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Justin Trudeau in Port Perry #lpcldr

Just back from Port Perry where I got a chance to see Justin Trudeau speak on behalf of his leadership campaign and on behalf of Grant Humes, the Durham Liberal candidate for the November 26th by-election.

Some highlights of the stop.

  • Justin started off with a little humour by launching with a cheap pop announcing he was "officially" launching his leadership campaign on the first official day of the campaign in Port Perry to great applause.
  • Canadians are tired of being cynical about politics; Canadians don't want a party that plays up one region of the country against another, and cited that the Liberal Party is the party that can unite the country.
  • Justin Trudeau will fight for the middle class; Canadians and Canadian business, backed by a strong middle class, will innovate and grow.
  • Justin Trudeau wants to actively engage youth in his campaign

As if to show how successful he is in engaging youth, I noted that there was a young girl snapping pictures of Justin with her Nintendo DS.

A short stop - but a great one. The place was packed.

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