Thursday, October 11, 2012

Karen Stintz on Tim Hudak's Transit Credentials

Karen Stintz, Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, on Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak`s credentials on the transit file.
Mr. Hudak has some experience with the TTC, its infrastructure delays and its funding, from his time in [Ontario Progressive Conservative] caucus in 1995. Tough decisions were made then. Those decisions reverberate today. They should be remembered and we should discuss them.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Conservative Party Continues to Fail Fiscal Conservatives

I'm sure there are Conservative Party apologists out there ready to jump all over these stories, but the fact remains the Conservative Party continues to fail fiscal conservatives in Canada, and they'll vote Liberal in 2015.

Treasury Board boss spars with budget watchdog over mandate, Globe & Mail.

Though the Conservatives created the [Parliamentary Budget Office], there have been numerous arguments over the years between the government and Mr. Page over the appropriate role of the office. Generally, most of the disputes have been over transparency and whether Mr. Page should have access to internal government documents and databases.
The latest battle with the PBO comes as the government is on the defensive over the specific impact of budget cuts to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is in the midst of responding to a massive beef recall. Ottawa’s March budget outlined plans for an ongoing cut of $56.1-million – or 7.8 per cent – to the CFIA’s $722-million budget by 2014-15. Mr. Page says this is an example of an area where his office needs a better explanation of what is being cut.
IMF cuts Canada's outlook, frets over housing, consumer debt, Globe & Mail.
The International Monetary Fund is taking a dimmer view of Canada, cutting its economic forecasts and warning of the threats from the housing market and swollen consumer debt levels.
Much like the Republican Party in the United States, it continues to be crystal clear that the Conservative Party is not the best party to manage tough economic times despite their propaganda to the contrary. Instead, the party seems to exist solely to waste the efforts of previously stronger economic governance.

The Conservative Party has already failed social conservatives. This house of cards won't last much longer.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I Support Justin Trudeau

I support Justin Trudeau for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

For the record, this will be my second* Liberal leadership campaign as a federal Liberal.

You're going to hear a lot from the commentariat that Justin's too young, that he's too inexperienced, that he's too whatever.

What Canada lacks is energy and a spirit in its leadership and its future governance. We're saddled with a government that we don't deserve - we have an electorate too angered by the actions of previous politicians that it's allowed a lazy, regressive Conservative Party to take power and cement itself as the "new normal". A government, that campaigns on accountability, fiscal responsibility, and order, but delivers the opposite - lies, confusion, and a record debt. A government, that campaigns on maintaining the status quo, but forever wants to creep into the bedrooms of the nation.

Stephen Harper once said, "Canada's back."

It's time we take Canada back.