Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Pope is Still Catholic

In all likelihood, Toronto mayor Rob Ford will not attend this year's Pride parade. That's not news. What should be news is the fact that, once again, he refuses to say why.

He is unable, or more likely unwilling, to honestly tell the people of Toronto why he will not attend an event that will significantly increase tourism and boost the Toronto economy.

There are lots of opinions, lots of colourful metaphors describing the Mayor and his reasons for not attending - but, none forthcoming from the mayor. Sure, he's going to the cottage - that's what a weasel would say when wanting to avoid the spotlight.

He's not required to the attend the parade nor is he required to attend any of the preamble activities.

He is, however, a politician and sometimes that means explaining the rationale for his decision, especially when he is invited and especially when one of the events happens at City Hall. He is making a pointed effort to avoid the event without a simple statement why.

It speaks to his character as a so-called man of conviction that he is unable to do so.

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