Thursday, March 15, 2012

NDP Leadership Convention 2012 (#ndpldr)

I will be attending the NDP leadership convention as an accredited blogger in my capacity as a moderator for Progressive Bloggers. You can follow my coverage here, on Twitter (@progright), and on Google+.

I'd like to thank the NDP for accrediting bloggers to their convention. It's a sign that they recognize and understand the importance of personal social media in this century. I hope the Liberal Party reviews it's prohibitive stance with the next convention.

That said, this will be my first NDP convention. I've been to Liberal and Conservative conventions as a delegate, but never an NDP convention. I'll be there bright and early on the Friday morning right through to completion Saturday evening.

Growing up in an NDP-supporting household where Trudeaumania wasn't a thing - it was Broadbent Fever all the way - going to this convention sparked some excitement for my folks. My father thinks this convention will help to broaden my horizons.

We'll see. ;)

Look for a "preamble to the convention" piece up in the coming days ...

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