Friday, March 23, 2012

NDP Convention Photos Streaming at (#ndpldr)

Photos I've taken are now streaming at and here on this site.

Go check them out!

Uniting Progressives? (#ndpldr)

I caught this sign being used by Thomas Mulcair supporters. It's an interesting one because it fits with the narrative that Mulcair is attempting to broaden the NDP "big tent".

Live from Toronto, it's the NDP Convention! (#ndpldr)

I'm hunkered down at the blog command centre on the main convention floor. I'm sitting next to Jeff Jedras ( and we're watching as the convention delegates pour in.

NDP Leadership supporters welcome delegates 

Look for pictures from the convention on the Progressive Bloggers main site ( as I upload them.

Live blogging / tweeting to commence when the convention officially opens in about an hour or so.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Quite possibly, the worst Photoshop job ever with the worst grammar ever.

(Know Your Meme, Ancient Aliens)

Crime and Conservatives

I know correlation is not causation, but it's hard not to notice that in jurisdictions with a strong Conservative political tradition, they tend to have higher crime rates.

Awwwwkward ...

Initial Thoughts on NDP Leadership Convention (#ndpldr)

So, what do I think is going to happen at this weekend's NDP leadership convention?

I've been paying attention to the media articles, the debates, and the Twitter feed. It's clear by all the folks talking about it - it's Thomas Mulcair vs the other candidates. The underlying belief is that Mulcair is not a true NDPer and his desire to make the NDP a "big tent" party is dangerous.

(I should mention that Nathan Cullen is talking "cooperation" with other parties to defeat the Conservatives ... but that's not really the same as expanding the tent.)

First off, the NDP is already a big tent coalition. There's a reason why the NDP go toe-to-toe against the Conservatives in certain ridings and against the Liberals in others.

In rural ridings or ridings with a heavy labour constituency, like Oshawa and Windsor, you have a strange mix of the social cooperative with the social conservative. Liberals do break out here once and a while - it's rare.

In urban ridings, the socially conscious but fiscally liberal New Democrat fights with the socially conscious but fiscally conservative Liberal. Conservatives break out here once and a while - again, it's rare.

Thomas Mulcair represents a change, perhaps, in a direction to expand that tent - to make the NDP competitive where the Liberals and Conservatives typically go toe-to-toe - Quebec and the suburbs.

Does that means a shift to the pragmatic "mushy" middle?

In attempting to keep Quebec and the suburbs with a shift, will the NDP lose their other core constituencies on which they've built the foundation for their current political success?

The line up to endorse Mulcair is long from a lot of those "foundational constituencies".

It appears to me, at least, that Mulcair is appealing to those folks who vote or would like to vote NDP - instead of those who are partisan New Democrats. Has he translated that support into convention ballots?

I don't think he'll win on the first ballot, but I'd be shocked if he didn't win.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

NDP Leadership Convention 2012 (#ndpldr)

I will be attending the NDP leadership convention as an accredited blogger in my capacity as a moderator for Progressive Bloggers. You can follow my coverage here, on Twitter (@progright), and on Google+.

I'd like to thank the NDP for accrediting bloggers to their convention. It's a sign that they recognize and understand the importance of personal social media in this century. I hope the Liberal Party reviews it's prohibitive stance with the next convention.

That said, this will be my first NDP convention. I've been to Liberal and Conservative conventions as a delegate, but never an NDP convention. I'll be there bright and early on the Friday morning right through to completion Saturday evening.

Growing up in an NDP-supporting household where Trudeaumania wasn't a thing - it was Broadbent Fever all the way - going to this convention sparked some excitement for my folks. My father thinks this convention will help to broaden my horizons.

We'll see. ;)

Look for a "preamble to the convention" piece up in the coming days ...