Monday, January 02, 2012

Mike Crawley for President, Liberal Party of Canada

I had an opportunity to meet with Mike Crawley at a recent Edward Blake Society event in Toronto. Mike was engaging and determined to hear my opinion. That was before he found out I was a blogger and could take my otherwise useless opinion of him onto the interwebs.

I won't bore you with the details of what ultimately led me to this decision, but I will let you know that I believe Mike is the candidate most likely to create the most change in the party to attract more members and create a better run political party. Under Mike, I believe the Liberal Party will be stronger for all Canadians.

As I said to Mike, I'm a former Conservative and, relatively speaking, a new Liberal. If you want to bring more folks like me to the Liberal ranks, enshrining the party with life-long Liberals with what might appear to be old-style Liberal thinking is not going to work. You need to create a party that embraces openness and embraces engagement with both Liberals and non-Liberals alike. I felt, after talking with Mike, that he embraced those same ideals.

I will be supporting Mike Crawley for Liberal Party president at the Ottawa 2012 Convention.

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