Wednesday, January 04, 2012

James Morton for Vice President (English), Liberal Party of Canada

One thing I'm struck by as I look at the candidates for board positions within the Liberal Party of Canada, is the number of candidates that are advocating for a truly complete renewal and rejuvenation of the party and it has me excited by the prospect for the future.

I have been attracted to the candidacies of those individuals that seek to lift the roof off the party, and attract new members, new advocates, new activists and new participants. I think in order to do this, the party must stop doing what it's done in the past because the times have changed and our political opponents have changed.

We're not going to affect change by entrenching what has been done in the past. That's not to say that change must be enacted for the sake of change, but change must occur. Bold ideas need to be raised and debated about increasing the openness of the party, and I think James represents that best.

I will be supporting James Morton for Liberal Party vice president (English) at the Ottawa 2012 Convention.

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Anonymous said...

How has James Morton shown he can left the roof off the party? What has he done to prove he is a man in the 21st Century? What majestic 21st Century Idea has he put forward that shakes the human core? Give your head a shake!