Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Disturbing Conservative Viewpoints on Education

Interesting how social conservatives in both Canada and the United States are blaming universities for their being "too much edumacation".

On his Facebook profile, former Liberal MP Omar Alghabra, found and posted this letter to the editor on Mississauga.com that highlighted one of Canada's problem to those of the so-called common sense thinking variety - there are too many students studying things that aren't practical. Further, universities should be "elitist" institutions for the few who can afford it.

Now, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum suggests "the left uses colleges for indoctrination". Also, suggesting, fewer people should go to universities - going even further to suggest that simply attending university is undermining the United States.

The social conservative elite, and Santorum is one, feel that university is an obstruction to their agenda. It's okay for them to attend university so they can preach from on high, but not their flock. That's the only conclusion I can draw.

If I were an intelligent conservative, I'd be appalled by these remarks.

If I were a member of a student partisan conservative association (as I once was), I'd be even more appalled.

Monday, January 23, 2012

NDP to Accredit Bloggers at Convention?!

It could be me, but I could find no information on whether bloggers (or the media for the matter) will be accredited at the NDP leadership convention in March.

Since the convention is being held in Toronto, I could partake in the event with little cost to me. However, I cannot fork over the $1,000 observer fee.

I've tweeted about it and I've sent an email to the NDP to find out.

Will keep you posted.

Updated. According to Far and Wide and the Pundit's Guide, yes, bloggers will be accredited at the convention. Details to come. Thanks!

Updated. Yes!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Excuses, Liberal Supporters

One of the oft-repeated refrains from the last elections from those who would vote Liberal was that they couldn't vote Liberal because of who Liberals voted as leader. It was because Liberals chose Paul Martin as leader or St├ęphane Dion or Michael Ignatieff ... Why couldn't we just select a leader they could vote for?

Now, the Liberal Party has made it possible for Liberal supporters to engage directly with the party and vote to select the next leader. No risk and no fuss.

I admit - I voted against this resolution at the convention. I supported the idea of recognizing Liberal supporters within the party wholeheartedly, but could not support the notion they should be able to participate in leadership contests.

Well, I was in the minority.

We've entrusted you to join with us to help shape the party - shape the direction of the leadership.

So, no more excuses.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Trying out the Blogger app for my phone.

A picture from the registration floor highlighting the theme.

Live from Ottawa, it's the Liberal Party Convention (#Ott12)

I'm blogging to you from Ottawa, Ontario - site of the 2012 Liberal Party convention. It's a blistery -5 degrees outside and there's a gentle breeze coming down from the north at about a thousand miles per hour*.

I'm about to go register and begin the delegate's tour of the unofficial first night of the convention.

In all likelihood, I won't be live blogging much - I'll be using Twitter more (follow me @progright). I did install the Blogger app for my iPhone so you may get some post-suite commentary up on the site. Or, maybe I'll get all fired up and start blogging up a firestorm.

Stay tuned.

* You're too old if you get the reference.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

James Morton for Vice President (English), Liberal Party of Canada

One thing I'm struck by as I look at the candidates for board positions within the Liberal Party of Canada, is the number of candidates that are advocating for a truly complete renewal and rejuvenation of the party and it has me excited by the prospect for the future.

I have been attracted to the candidacies of those individuals that seek to lift the roof off the party, and attract new members, new advocates, new activists and new participants. I think in order to do this, the party must stop doing what it's done in the past because the times have changed and our political opponents have changed.

We're not going to affect change by entrenching what has been done in the past. That's not to say that change must be enacted for the sake of change, but change must occur. Bold ideas need to be raised and debated about increasing the openness of the party, and I think James represents that best.

I will be supporting James Morton for Liberal Party vice president (English) at the Ottawa 2012 Convention.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Mike Crawley for President, Liberal Party of Canada

I had an opportunity to meet with Mike Crawley at a recent Edward Blake Society event in Toronto. Mike was engaging and determined to hear my opinion. That was before he found out I was a blogger and could take my otherwise useless opinion of him onto the interwebs.

I won't bore you with the details of what ultimately led me to this decision, but I will let you know that I believe Mike is the candidate most likely to create the most change in the party to attract more members and create a better run political party. Under Mike, I believe the Liberal Party will be stronger for all Canadians.

As I said to Mike, I'm a former Conservative and, relatively speaking, a new Liberal. If you want to bring more folks like me to the Liberal ranks, enshrining the party with life-long Liberals with what might appear to be old-style Liberal thinking is not going to work. You need to create a party that embraces openness and embraces engagement with both Liberals and non-Liberals alike. I felt, after talking with Mike, that he embraced those same ideals.

I will be supporting Mike Crawley for Liberal Party president at the Ottawa 2012 Convention.