Friday, October 07, 2011

John Tory on the Ontario Liberal Party's Victory

I said it before, and I'll say it again.

Had John Tory still been Progressive Conservative leader, he'd be the Premier of Ontario today, and I'd still be an Ontario Progressive Conservative. This is what a competent and pragmatic conservative contender for the top job in the province sounds like.

Sigh ...


Anonymous said...

Tory would have been demonized as a homophobic bigot by the Lib war room. He has also had too many defeats and has proven to have poor political instincts to be trusted to deliver.

Don't forget, he was still leader of the party and given a chance to win a by-election handed to him. He couldn't win.

Next you'll be telling us that Iggy could still be PM if he was leader of the fed. Libs.

Unknown said...

I think the "Liberal war room" have always acknowledged they could not attack Tory on social issues.

Tory made the mistake of not muting his socon/hard right conservative critics.

Bill Davis, Stephen Harper - they all did or do it well. Offering low hanging fruit to keep the knives from coming out.