Friday, October 28, 2011

I Really Want to Stop ... But ...

As much as I don't like the man's politics, I am starting to feel a bit sorry for Rob Ford.

Whatever you may feel for Rob Ford, I can't imagine conservatives wanting a mayor that attracts this type of negative attention on a nearly constant basis ...
SchadenFord: the pleasurable feeling of gloating vindication when the buffoonish Mayor of Toronto f—ks up yet again; and the gleeful anticipation of same, because the latter is f—king inevitable. It’s like the sun rising, like tick following tock. You know it has to happen. And you find yourself, in spite of your better nature, looking forward to it.
[H/T Dawg]

Look, I could buy the argument that it was his house and they shouldn't have been there - file trespassing charges against the CBC if it was so bad. It's what the rest of the world does.

Skip the holier-than-thou nonsense, though. Conservatives and the conservative-owned media have given this legs beyond what was warranted.

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