Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tory Syndrome

Four years ago this month, a sizeable chunk of Ontario's Progressive Conservative supporters already had their knives out and sharpened for John Tory. This was based upon the belief that Tory was not a true conservative like Tim Hudak and that John would not deliver a Progressive Conservative victory.

Today, Tim Hudak is not as popular a choice for premier as Dalton McGuinty, and he has been unable to put the Ontario Progressive Conservatives significantly ahead of the Ontario Liberals in the run up to the election. Most likely, it is due to a vague strategy and meaningless platform promises. The only promises I can remember is the one about cheap beer and eliminating all-day kindergarten.

John Tory would likely have been elected premier in Ontario during this election. You always give the new leader two shots.

I will say though, give it to Tim Hudak supporters - they haven't abandoned ship ... yet.

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Skinny Dipper said...

I will state that so far, I think the Liberals will beat the Conservatives by making their own party seem warm and caring, and the Conservatives as being cold and distant. That's the narrative I am getting so far.