Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conservative Hypocrisy In Action!

Given it's now clear that the Conservative Party is playing partisan games in an attempt to force the Opposition to fast track term limits on Senators, how exactly would term limitations have impacted the farce that occurred with C-311?

I know how it goes, having read the comments by Conservative supporters on this blog:

"Blah blah blah Liberal Party! Blah blah blah AdScam! Blah blah blah Senate reform! Ha ha!
Therefore, supporting term limits would have ensured passage of C-311."


Tom said...

So you are saying that senate reform is a bad thing?

Annie said...

I think the NDP makes me laugh..get rid of the Senate and things will get better..huh..Harper will b able to do the same things..even worse he could do worse.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...


I'm saying the Senate defeating legislation is a bad thing. I think it's pretty clear.

If the Senate had defeated Conservative-sponsored legislation passed in the House, I'd be as equally angry.



Quite honestly, the option to abolish the Senate is the only proposal for Senate reform at this point that prevents this kind of inanity.

Neither the Liberal Party nor the Conservative Party have a meaningful plan for Senate reform.