Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Shock!

I'm not understanding the latest outrage at the discovery that Rob Ford's mayoral campaign team employed a fake Twitter account. Unless they used the account to libel, of course. I'm not sure why more campaigns didn't employ this strategy.

Or, they did, and they just didn't caught.


rww said...

The outrage is because it is US style dishonest dirty tricks campaigning. Making promises you know you might not be able to keep is one thing but this is outright lying. Citizens voting on the basis of lies is not democracy.

Paul Raposo said...

One of Fraser Macdonald's tweets under the fake name of @QueensQuayKaren was this:

pretty sure @g_smitherman is the ‘takes it up the middle’ candidate

This is from a staff member, and supporter of Rob Ford, and was approved by Ford, and Nick Kouvalis.

I can't wait to see what Toronto looks like--or doesn't look like--in June 2011.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

RWW, I'm not sure how many votes were cast in favour of Rob Ford on the basis of this Twitter account. Lots of campaigns engage in letter writing campaigns - how is this different?

Paul, that's offensive, but hardly indictable.

Anonymous said...

Well, the later slurs were just an after-thought capitalizing on the ID that had been set up for the express purpose of:

manipulating & gaining that 'score me some Oxy' person's trust, to get ahold of his recording before the press got it and either destroy his credibility or neutralize his story before it proved fatal to Ford (as they believed it would, w/o that intervention).

'Course, maybe that sort of thing's done all the time in campaigns (it is in 'The Good Wife' TV series, e.g.). But it's still pretty sleazy that; a) the story was true -- he does have spectacularly bad judgment; and
b) he and/or his handlers are cold-bloodedly ruthless and don't hesitate to throw someone under the bus (& characterize as a blackmailing semi-stalker) who just a earlier was his "buddy" that he was seemingly willing to commit an illegal act to help.