Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Congratulations, John Henry!

My cousin-in-law is now the mayor of Oshawa!

After serving one term on council, John Henry captured the mayor's seat with nearly double the number of votes won by second place finisher and incumbent John Gray.

Mayor-elect Henry finished with 15,268 votes compared with 8,973 for former Mayor Gray and 3,941 for former Councillor Louise Parkes.


... Mayor-elect Henry said he has spent the past four years pushing accountability and transparency, stressing that residents have the right to know where every dollar of their tax money is spent.

He said that, combined with the fact that he is the only member of council who didn't spend a dime out of his taxpayer funded expenses account, won't receive a severance and took a pay cut on his councillor salary, helped push him to victory.

"You lead by example," the new mayor noted.

A good candidate with a fantastic record. Oshawa is back on the right track!


Anonymous said...

Oshawa was already on the right track.

Rotterdam said...

I have a friend who knows both Henry and Grey very well.
He likes them both. He says Grey is more of a Red Tory. Henry is more of a solid Conservative-Libertarian.