Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Shock!

I'm not understanding the latest outrage at the discovery that Rob Ford's mayoral campaign team employed a fake Twitter account. Unless they used the account to libel, of course. I'm not sure why more campaigns didn't employ this strategy.

Or, they did, and they just didn't caught.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Congratulations, John Henry!

My cousin-in-law is now the mayor of Oshawa!

After serving one term on council, John Henry captured the mayor's seat with nearly double the number of votes won by second place finisher and incumbent John Gray.

Mayor-elect Henry finished with 15,268 votes compared with 8,973 for former Mayor Gray and 3,941 for former Councillor Louise Parkes.


... Mayor-elect Henry said he has spent the past four years pushing accountability and transparency, stressing that residents have the right to know where every dollar of their tax money is spent.

He said that, combined with the fact that he is the only member of council who didn't spend a dime out of his taxpayer funded expenses account, won't receive a severance and took a pay cut on his councillor salary, helped push him to victory.

"You lead by example," the new mayor noted.

A good candidate with a fantastic record. Oshawa is back on the right track!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Let the Finger Wagging Begin

With 97.2% of the votes counted in Toronto's election, George Smitherman's votes + Joe Pantalone's votes total more than Rob Ford's.

Offered without comment, but with a picture of Ralph Nader.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Open Letter to George Smitherman on Safe Injection Sites

Dear Mr. Smitherman,

I recently announced that I support you for mayor of Toronto. With Rocco Rossi's departure from the race, and Rob Ford's divisive and reckless brand of conservatism taking centre stage, you present the only alternative to me.

However, I was disheartened to learn of your unfortunate and misinformed opinion of safe injection sites, which I reprint below. Especially disheartened, since you're a former provincial health minister.

"I do not support safe injection sites because I am not convinced of its merits," [George] Smitherman said.
I would like to hear your evidence for why safe injection sites lack merit. On this blog, I have profiled the benefits of safe injection sites, such as Insite - located in Vancouver.

Here are, once again, the merits of Insite, the Vancouver safe injection site.

  • Insite is leading to increased uptake into detoxification programs and addiction treatment. (New England Journal of Medicine)
  • Insite has not led to an increase in drug-related crime, rates of arrest for drug trafficking, assaults and robbery were similar after the facility’s opening, and rates of vehicle break-ins/theft declined significantly. (Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy)
  • Insite has reduced the number of people injecting in public and the amount of injection-related litter in the downtown eastside. (Canadian Medical Association Journal)
  • Insite is attracting the highest-risk users – those more likely to be vulnerable to HIV infection and overdose, and who were contributing to problems of public drug use and unsafe syringe disposal. (American Journal of Preventive Medicine)
  • Insite has reduced overall rates of needle sharing in the community, and among those who used the supervised injection site for some, most or all of their injections, 70% were less likely to report syringe sharing. (The Lancet)
  • Nearly one-third of Insite users received information relating to safer injecting practices. Those who received help injecting from fellow injection drug users on the streets were more than twice as likely to have received safer injecting education at Insite. (The International Journal of Drug Policy)
  • Insite is not increasing rates of relapse among former drug users, nor is it a negative influence on those seeking to stop drug use. (British Medical Journal)
If you could clarify to me why you do not support safe injection sites, that would be greatly appreciated.


An Honour for Bill Davis

The University of Toronto Mississauga has re-dedicated their South Building the William G. Davis Building, in honour of Ontario's former Progressive Conservative premier.

“For over 40 years, Bill Davis has worked hard to improve the lives of people in the province of Ontario and nowhere is this more apparent than in our post-secondary education system,” said [Professor Deep] Saini. “Everywhere you look, we see reminders of his commitment to excellence in education—be it in the extensive growth of our college system or right here where he paved the way for what is now the University of Toronto Mississauga.”
A great man, and a great conservative.

Monday, October 18, 2010

George Smitherman for Mayor of Toronto

A week is a long time in politics.

I prefer balanced, measured, and pragmatic conservatism in government. I am traditionally an Ontario Progressive Conservative supporter.

I do not support reckless government policy sold under the guise of "conservatism" using the label "respect for the taxpayer". It's always wrongheaded, it's always motivated by emotion, and it always ends up costing more in the long run.

I was a vocal Rocco Rossi supporter. When I learned that he had pulled out of the race, I thought I'd pull out from participation in the Toronto election.

I continue to not want Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto. He represents a corruption of the Canadian conservative brand. His inexperience and his over-zealousness to lead an every-man revolution is indicative of his not being up to the job.

Toronto needs to vote George Smitherman for mayor.

Toronto Loses Rocco Rossi ...

I went to the beautiful city of Paris, France, for a short vacation last week, to come back to news that my candidate, Rocco Rossi, had dropped out of the Toronto electoral race. Miss a week, miss a lot.

The past nine months have been an incredible journey. I have been moved by the stories of hope and inspiration that Torontonians from all walks of life have shared with me.

With your help, we have made a real impact on this race and the future of our city.

We have shed light on the issues that matter to Torontonians: getting value for our money, moving Toronto forward, and making City Hall honest.

Make no mistake, together we accomplished great things.

I have been inspired by the countless volunteers and supporters who took time out of their busy schedules to knock on doors, make phone calls, attend event and pound in lawn signs.

I have been inspired by the people from every corner of our city who have stood up and demanded change.

I have been inspired by Torontonians and our great city.

Rhonnie, DJ and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done and continue to do. It has been a true honour representing you as a candidate for mayor, and I thank you for the opportunity.



Thursday, October 07, 2010

Maxime Bernier was for the Census, before he was against the Census

"[The census] continue[s] to be essential for providing the information needed by governments, businesses, researchers and individual Canadians to shed light on issues of concern to all of us."

- Maxime Bernier, Minister responsible for Statistics Canada, August 21, 2006