Friday, September 24, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Rob Ford to Cut Off the Internet due to Internet Smearing

TORONTO, September 24 - In addition to the War against the Elites embedded within the written press, Rob Ford today announced that he would no longer use the internet after the campaign team found Google to be littered with elites. His campaign website will be taken down, and supporters will no longer communicate via email.

"These smears against Rob Ford will not be tolerated," Rob Ford continues, "It's clear that the internet has a vendetta against Rob Ford and Rob Ford won't tolerate it."

"And, yes. Rob Ford uses the third person."


Cari said...

I do not lie in Torono, but I feel for those who do if tha mn ever gets in..a Harper clone.

Annie said...

Hi ,I live a little further west of Toronto.Why would anyone put him at the top of the polls..what do people see in that man? I find him vulgar, loud mouthed and does not behave like a gentleman at all !