Monday, August 30, 2010

Rocco Rossi : Take Back Your Vote!

Today, Rocco Rossi unveiled a huge policy platform to bring accountability to the citizens of Toronto.

One of the underlying themes of this election is Torontonian frustration with what appears to be a lack of a voice at City Hall. Rocco Rossi plans to change that.

These three R`s are RespectResults…And Recall.

Every Toronto voter has the right to be treated respectfully by their mayor and councillor.

Every Toronto voter has the right to results.

They have the right to measure performance against promise, and results against expectations.

And finally, when voters give me the honour of becoming their Mayor, they will have the right to recall.
To use Rocco's phrase, "it’s easier to return a broken blender in this town than it is to recall a rogue politician."

It's time for Toronto to take back their vote. To hold politicians accountable for the decisions they make, to make sure they have done their due diligence, and to make sure they consult with those most impacted by their policy.

This is a great announcement for this city; you can read more about the official announcement here.

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