Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocco Live! - Wednesday, August 25th

Toronto mayoral candidate, Rocco Rossi, will be hosting a live-to-air internet event, and will be taking questions via Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 3: Meet Rocco!
Join us on Wednesday, August 25 at 6:30 PM for Episode 3 of Rocco LIVE. In this episode, Rocco will talk about his past experiences, the campaign so far, and why he is running for mayor. We’ll be taking your questions live via Twitter and Facebook. This is your chance to ask Rocco the tough questions and maybe get an answer to “Why Rocco Rossi?”

You can participate via Twitter (Tweet your question to @roccothevoteTO and include the #RoccoLIVE hashtag), via Facebook (log in to Facebook and then reload the Rocco Live page for the widget), or via Email (

More important for bloggers - Rocco Rossi is inviting all bloggers to live blog this event from Rocco Rossi campaign HQ.
Keep a blog? Join us and watch live in person from our ‘blogger gallery’ at campaign HQ. Anyone writing for a blog (no matter how big or small) is welcome to join. Our biggest goal is to keep Rocco LIVE transparent and unscripted. We believe the best way to achieve this is to invite the blogging community to HQ to watch us broadcast.
Bloggers, please arrive at campaign HQ between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM. We’re located at 185 Avenue Road [map]. Contact for additional information.
 (I won't be able to attend as I'll be door knocking for Rocco on Wednesday night).

Rocco, real change for Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Ah....the guy is running a distant 5th in the race...seriously, who is going to waste their time with this guy? said...
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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

@Anon, are you referring to the poll that has David Miller leading Rob Ford?

The same poll that has Rob Ford leading George Smitherman by 11 points but with a 5-point margin of error?

The same poll conducted in the summer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jim I guess you could refer to that poll....or any of the other polls held over the past number of months which show your guy running #5 or #6. Let me know when you find a phone booth in which to hold your supporter's meeting.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

@Anon, the phone booth is non-discriminatory. When you're ready for a real candidate, you're welcome to come.