Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Former Etobicoke Councillor Rob Ford Endorses Rocco Rossi's Plan for Recall

This is a huge development in the Toronto mayoral campaign.

In addition to endorsements by two other retiring councillors (Mike Feldman and Michael Walker), former Etobicoke councillor Rob Ford has come out in favour of Rocco Rossi's plan for a recall.
“There are many priorities when it comes to bringing accountability to City Hall, and recall legislation is certainly one that I support,” [former Etobicoke councillor] Rob Ford said in an e-mail.
While Rob Ford's opinions are always controversial, it's great to see him on side with Rocco Rossi's vision for a great city.


Skinny Dipper said...

Here's why Rob Ford is onside with the recall: Rossi is trying to get Ford supporters first with this proposal. With Ford supporting it, he will keep many of the supporters who are borderline in their support for Ford.

I think both Rossi and Ford know very well that the recall proposal will never see the light of day as the provincial government will state that it is not a high priority.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it a huge development, but hey maybe its a slow news day. But I would say I'm opposed to this idea. We need members of council who will take the long view on policy making, not meeting the whims of the day. Recall makes that more difficult. Give them four years and then judge them is what I say.

Johnson said...

It's an interesting idea, for sure, but with or without Rob Ford's endorsement, it won't mean anything even if it is enacted. Most recall legislation requires 40% of registered voters to sign on for the recall. Toronto municipal elections get less than 30% voter turnout. Unless the acting mayor does something like eat a baby on television, you'll never get 40% of our voters organized and in agreement. We can't even get that many to the polls to disagree with each other.

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