Friday, May 07, 2010

Conservatives to Request Coalition with Liberal ...

... Democrats.

BBC, Election: Cameron makes offer to Lib Dems on government

David Cameron has reached out to the Liberal Democrats in an effort to form a government - after the UK general election resulted in a hung parliament.
Meanwhile, Conservatives here in Canada, while praising David Cameron's victory, still believe coalition governments are evil. The inanity.


Cari said...

At least the Conservatives over there are more progressive than Harper will ever be!

Anonymous said...

I suspect though he won't be reaching out to the Sinn Fein to get it.

More to the point. The Liberals here tried to reach out for a coalition but could only hold it for about three days before collapsing.

Harper has been able to govern for more than 4 years without a formal coalition. That can only be described as success.

Jay said...


Harper has only been able to accomplish in 4 years what the previous liberal government did in just a few months. They never get consensus on anything because of the my way or highway asshole routine. Case in point, Harpers third attempt at mandatory minimums. He's a loser and a lost cause.

ck said...

It's interesting how little I did know about Westminster parliamentary systems. I read in the BBC this morning that in Britain, in the case of a minority, it is up to the sitting PM to form government somehow. The way I understand that is that, in this case, it would be up to Gordon Brown to form a government? Wow!

Imagine in 2006, had we the same rules, but then, Steve was ready to get into bed with the NDP and the Bloc long before to oust Paul Martin from office, I guess much in the same way Cameron may with the Lib Dems.

Still, quite interesting how they don't go on with Cameron automatically becoming PM and ruling with a minority the way the Canadian parliamentary system does.

Cari, you're right about the Brit Tories being more progressive than the Harpercons, hell, I think even Maggie Thatcher was more progressive than Steve, if that's possible.