Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mel's Diner

I'm saddened to see an institution like Mel's Diner burned down.

The Record, Fire destroys businesses in Waterloo plaza:

WATERLOO – A fire Thursday morning destroyed several businesses in a Waterloo plaza.

Businesses affected by the blaze at the Campus Court plaza, 140 University Ave. W., include Mel’s Diner, Tabu, Mr. Sushi, University Vision Centre, Sugar Mountain and Caesar Martini’s.
After a long night at the Bomber on a Wednesday night, rolling out of bed at about noon on a Thursday, Mel's was a perfect place to stop for steak and eggs and a coffee.

You never went there on the weekend as the line up was always way out the door.

I hope it rebuilds. If it does, I'll go back for steak and eggs.

(H/T, uwaterloo on LiveJournal)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Announcing My Candidacy for the Senate

As I'm watching football (soccer) and enjoying a lovely spring evening and having had a jar or two, I have decided to run for the Senate should Ontario hold elections for the next vacancy. If the Conservatives are still in government, they'll have no choice but to appoint me.

First off, I will sit as a Liberal.

Second off, I haven't decided that far in advance what my second off is.

Third off, I'll blog from the Senate floor.

So, please support me.

Also, if someone can create a web graphic, that would be great.