Friday, February 26, 2010

Helena Guergis, Working Her A** Off in S***holes

That there is some good work [Toronto Star, Your Liberal research bureau at work].

Here is a breakdown of how many days each Conservative MP worked (according to the document the Conservatives just released). Note that between January 1st and today, there has been exactly 40 work days for most Canadians.
The list says 68 of their MPs worked, leaving 77 Conservative MPs who didn’t work a single day.
9 days - Helena Geurgis
That's nine ass days in likely nine different shitholes. One of those days, her effing birthday.

What do you expect people?

Where Were the RCMP?

Conservative MP, Helena Guergis, believes Prince Edward Island is a shithole, as she has a meltdown in Charlottetown Airport [Globe & Mail, Airport worker says Guergis meltdown among worst he's seen]:

“She was yelling at the Jazz agent to hurry up and that [he was] wasting her time and that she had to get going because she wanted to get home [to her husband] because it's her ‘effing birthday,'” the employee said.
It was her 'effing birthday', after all.
“A staffer went to the gates to tell her to just hang on because she was literally banging and kicking on the glass at the security doors,” he said.
Where were the RCMP?

Updated: James Morton finds us another comment.
When staff reminded Guergis that passengers are expected to show up two hours before departure, she allegedly replied, "I don't need to be lectured about flight time by you. I've been down here working my ass off for you people."
It's her effing birthday, she works her ass off for us people, and she needs to get out of shitholes.

A wonderful Member of Parliament.

Updateded: There's some media controversy.

Did Helena Guergis refer to PEI as merely a "hell hole" or a "shit hole"? I think she should respond.

(H/T, The Equivocator)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Candles Recalled due to Fire Risk

No, really.

CBC, Pier 1 Imports recalls tea lights over fire risk
Pier 1 Imports has recalled 1,875 Silver Glitter Tea Lights and Gold Glitter Tea Lights in Canada, and 37,000 in the U.S. because the glitter could catch fire.