Thursday, January 07, 2010


I'm disappointed, but glad that it's finally official.

John Tory said Thursday that he won't run again to become Toronto's mayor, choosing instead to "pursue a different course with my life and career."

The former Progressive Conservative leader issued a statement this morning announcing his decision to serve as volunteer chair of the Toronto City Summit Alliance, a position previously held by David Pecaut who died in December.
John Tory is likely the best mayor the city of Toronto never had.


Cari said...

I am not a PC, but John is a nice pinky PC..perhaps we need more balanced minds in the Senate, like him.

Liberal Justice said...

I don't understand why so many Liberals like this guy. He's a TORY! Unless it's about liking him personally, that's fine. But politically he does not stand for most of what I believe in. If he did either he'd be a Grit or I'd be a Tory.

SD said...

That's Senator Tory.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...


John Tory is a "Red Tory" - noblesse oblige, proven and efficient change.

It's not about political affiliation and he took some bad advice while leading the provincial Tories.

I think John would make an excellent Liberal as well, but he's a classic Progressive Conservative.