Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ask the Senate to join Liberals

A great idea. Come on Hugh!
One key reason Harper prorogued Parliament is to allow the Senate committees to be re-shuffled in his favour. So lets deny him that by convincing the independent, Progressive Conservative and Mulroney and Martin appointed Conservatives to join the Liberal Senators. Here are their email addresses.
Independent/Progressive Conservative
Anne C. Cools:
Murray Lowell:
Elaine McCoy:
Jean-Claude Rivest:
P. Michael Pitfield:

David Tkachuk:
Terry Stratton:
Gerry St. Germain:
Hugh Segal:
Donald H. Oliver:
Pierre Claude Nolin:
Nancy Ruth:
Michael A. Meighen:
Marjory LeBreton:
Noël A. Kinsella:
Wilbert Joseph Keon: By phone only.
Janis G. Johnson:
Consiglio Di Nino:
Gerald J. Comeau:
Ethel M. Cochrane:
Andrée Champagne:
W. David Angus:
Raynell Andreychuk:

Ask them how they can continue in good conscience to support a party that no longer believes in democracy.


Frankly Canadian said...

Nice to have those e-mails, I'll probably use them for more then one occasion, thanks.

Cari said...

Ann Cools was a Liberal, did like same-sex marriage ,so went to PCs
I do not know how she could stand Harper

Marx-A-Million said...

Democracy is dead, and no one cares.

Ti-Guy said...

Format those emails in one paragraph, separated by commas, to easily allow people to cut and paste them into one message and send them to all the senators.

RuralSandi said...

How about them becoming independants - all of them.

Take the issues case by case without party interference.

Brian Busby said...

Or - dare I dream - they could all do the honourable thing and simply resign... but after the new appointments).