Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My ex-wife is a socially conservative fiscal liberal. My current girlfriend is a socially progressive fiscal centric. My parents are socially and fiscally liberal.

Several of my friends are still members of the Conservative Party - in fact, I helped recruit them.

I'd expect that should I run for office, somebody I know will dislike or disagree with a position I hold. Or, at some level, they might like me but dislike my political partisan association.

Why should it be any different for Ms. Krieber? Is she just supposed to be a partisan Liberal? I still remember the lady that shook my hand and told me to work very hard during the last campaign at Mr. Dion's stop in Pickering. She wanted Mr. Dion elected Prime Minister.

She doesn't want Mr. Ignatieff elected Prime Minister. I do. We have a difference of opinion.

That's a non-issue.

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Mark Richard Francis said...

I hold enough divergent political viewpoints to piss anyone off. I'm a libertarian-socialist-pragmatic-idealist-centrist-leftist-liberal-conservative.

I refuse to call myself "fiscal conservative", though. I'm "fiscally prudent."

Partisan politics is so very divisive. And it's mostly ridiculous. As if, as a country and as a people, we really are all that different from each other.

The way some people talk, Toronto should be firing scuds at Calgary. It's all we could afford anyway.