Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belinda Stronach : Investing in Girls

Belinda Stronach, Investing in girls pays off in social and economic progress (Globe & Mail)
Despite demonstrable evidence that countries enjoy comparatively greater economic growth if they choose to invest in improving and protecting education for girls and young women, too little is still being done to nurture these vulnerable young people – especially in developing countries.


The global recession both magnifies the challenge and heightens the urgency of the situation. As the preface of Plan International's report puts it, even fleeting economic turmoil can take a long-term toll on the futures of girls and young women around the world: “In times of financial stress it is girls who will be pulled out of school by cash-strapped families; who will bear the brunt of increased household chores as their mothers search for work; and who may end up in exploitative and often dangerous jobs because the immediate need for money is so pressing.” Family hardship all too often results in the future of girls and young women being neglected.

It's too bad that women are just a left-wing fringe group, otherwise we could potentially hope for action from this government.

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