Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fudge You Toronto

Survey says!
In the 416 area code in Toronto itself, the Liberals have the support of 52 per cent of respondents, while the Conservatives and NDP are tied at 19 per cent. The margin of error for this sample is eight per cent.

In the 905 region, the Liberal lead is 50-27, with the NDP at 11 per cent. The margin of error in this data is 7.8 per cent. Before the last election, the Tories led 44-32 here.
[Canadian Press, Tories on a downslope in support in key areas: poll]

The Tories should recall that city dwellers pay more in taxes.

Fudge you, Ottawa.

Yeah, I said 'fudge'. I'm bad.

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