Sunday, April 05, 2009

John Lennard on Growing the Youth Wing

To further the point about an energized youth, look at this quote from YLC Presidential candidate John Lennard.
The Liberal Party will always be progressive if we, as a youth wing, constantly focus on growing our active base. Youth will never be marginalized if we punch above our weight with real numbers. No one will be able to ignore our ideas if our members have real influence, not just every couple of years, but all the time, and throughout the Party. And so at the very least, we need to double our membership. I'd personally like to see it triple, or quadruple, or even reach 100,000. But we have to start somewhere. So let's get on with it!
That's youth energy. That's why the OMOV amendment is unnecessary.


Quixotique said...

Bang on

Mike said...

I agree in principle, but it would also be nice if women were 50% of the party membership, I think we're a pretty long way from that too.

As I said before, youth don't have the time, resources and money to keep with other well to do groups in terms of membership numbers and there are real barriers to their participation, for instance there are logistic hurdles to recruiting youth from high schools and youth obviously have less money and their membership fee just DOUBLED this week.

I don't doubt the youth CAN double or even TRIPLE membership, but that won't likely get them to 25% representation. It's like the person with a thousand dollars outpacing the person with a million.

I heard there are about 60,000 members. So that means the youth have about 8400 members.

So let's say they get to 24,000. I'm sure by the time they did that the party membership as whole would be more likely around 120,000-150,000, so then they are at 16%-20%. And then maybe they'll get to 50,000, but by that point the party membership is probably 300,000 and so on. So unless you want to think like pie in the sky NDP'ers it's just not realistic to think they would ever get to 25% representation and remember they have 33% now in leadership races. As youth numbers increase, others will increase faster.

That's just based on common logic of how campaigns work and who's easiest to recruit and how the party and EDAs are devoting the most resources.

How many youth get recruited for nomination races? Eactly, it's because they don't have a quota, no one cares to make the EXTRA efforts that have to be made to recruit them.

Mike said...

I think what we say on all these non-youth blogs is a failure to take the youth perspective into account:

If youth fought hard to win concessiosn from the party a couple decades ago to enhance and protect your representation and the party membership PASSED a constitutional amendment to give you that representation, why should you be asked to give up something that you feel you was fought hard for and earned?

It's like abolishing pay equity laws, women fought hard for them, it should'nt be surprising that women's goups are up in arms about them being severly weakened.

Are we now the party of reverse affirmative action? Because that's what would happen if the overall OMOV package passed without any amendments to protect for underpresentation (and to be clear I would like to see women's representation protected in OMOV as well).