Friday, March 20, 2009

Send Me to Vancouver

We interrupt this blog for a pledge moment.

Like a few other Liberal bloggers, I have been selected to be a delegate to the Liberal Party biennial convention in Vancouver.

Part of the joys of participating in partisan politics is paying fees to attend these conventions.

With this convention, the Liberal Party has made it possible for us to offset some of the cost of the delegate fees by actively seeking donations. You can see my personal page on by clicking the link below. As a free bonus, just for clicking the link, you get to see me pictured in front of the legendary Bluesmobile.

Click here to help me out.

Any help is appreciated. In fact, any help to any Liberal is appreciated.

If you're a Liberal attending the convention, and would like to take part in some fundraising, click here to get started.


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought - before I or anyone else sponsor you ten bucks - why not post what kind of policy resolutions and constitutional amendments you'll be supporting at the convention. What are you voting for/against and why should I support it?

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Well, that's a good point, Anon.

Because I'm new, I'm not entirely familiar with the process on how I can obtain what policies can be voted upon.

That said, I continue to support One Member One Vote. I'm more in favour of a system that allows each Liberal a vote (unweighted), however a weighted system is preferable compromise to the delegated system now.