Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Price of Politics

I was perusing PostSecret's latest update on March 29, and I noticed this secret. Recognize this building?

Naturally, I recognized the House of Commons.

The general consensus is that a life in politics can cause a strain on one's private life - especially when you spend a great amount of time away from your family. I could also imagine that someone who has the ambition to get into politics may find themselves unable to commit in a relationship.

Working on a campaign involves long hours and irregular sleep patterns.

I would argue that "un-moderated" ambition in any career can cause strain on one's personal life, unless I suppose you share the same passion ...

But, I'd have to imagine it's ultimately harder for a politician. Politicians need to win the favour of the electorate in order to stay employed -- and if you take time away, you find yourself all over the media with negative press. How'd They Vote will track your absences, in case you forget.

I hope whoever posted this secret finds the balance they're seeking.

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