Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Stephen Harper plus Brian Mulroney?


Stephen Harper minus Brian Mulroney?
Simmering tensions between Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government and predecessor Brian Mulroney boiled over with party sources saying he was no longer a Conservative and the ex-leader insisting he will be a party member as long as he draws breath.


"I can confirm [Brian Mulroney] is no longer a member," said one Conservative source.


"I remain a member of the Conservative Party and I will remain so until the day I die," Mulroney said.
[CTV, Tories, Mulroney in tiff over party membership]

The Price of Politics, A Follow-Up

It's fascinating how art and poetics can continue to captivate us. Case in point, I just took another look at the post card from PostSecret that I just recently blogged about.

On first blush, I just assumed that the poster was talking about their ambitions within Canadian politics impacting their personal life. I just assumed that their "love" was for another person.

Interpreting it another way, perhaps the poster loves Canadian politics, but their ambitions -- say in the private sector -- keep them away. Perhaps joining a political party is simply not an option due to private or public concerns ...

Ah, I love the mystery.

Here's the post card one more time.

An Observation

Was listening to Howard Stern interview Cloris Leachman.

Someone needs to let Cloris Leachman know it's coitus interruptus, not colitis interruptus. Unless I got the context of her conversation completely wrong.


A few points on teh Twitter.

1) I'm on teh Twitter.

2) I think Scott Tribe protests too much about teh Twitter.

3) Why aren't my blog posts twitterfeeding to teh Twitter anymore?

Updated: I seem to be Twitterfeeding again.

The Price of Politics

I was perusing PostSecret's latest update on March 29, and I noticed this secret. Recognize this building?

Naturally, I recognized the House of Commons.

The general consensus is that a life in politics can cause a strain on one's private life - especially when you spend a great amount of time away from your family. I could also imagine that someone who has the ambition to get into politics may find themselves unable to commit in a relationship.

Working on a campaign involves long hours and irregular sleep patterns.

I would argue that "un-moderated" ambition in any career can cause strain on one's personal life, unless I suppose you share the same passion ...

But, I'd have to imagine it's ultimately harder for a politician. Politicians need to win the favour of the electorate in order to stay employed -- and if you take time away, you find yourself all over the media with negative press. How'd They Vote will track your absences, in case you forget.

I hope whoever posted this secret finds the balance they're seeking.

Blogging for a Harper Free Canada

I'm Blogging for a Harper Free Canada.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Er, What?

I don't even know where to begin to cut the irony on this one. [Globe & Mail, Supreme Court won't hear paralyzed MP's case]:
A paralyzed Tory MP has lost a bid to have the Supreme Court of Canada hear his case against Manitoba's public insurer.

The court refused today to hear Steven Fletcher's appeal against a decision by the Manitoba Public Insurance Corp., which denied him more money for full-time care.

Is it really the case of a Tory MP looking for an activist judge to intervene in an area of provincial jurisdiction when the private sector would be more than happy to help him out -- or, was it publicized to show that, as implied ...
Lawyer Sidney Green said bureaucrats were punishing Mr. Fletcher because of his Conservative politics.
... the Supreme Court and the bureaucracy is stuffed with Liberals.

I hate being cynical; I'm trying to take some mental health days away from blogging.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Off the Air

Really super light blogging for the near future. I hope to be back soon.

Comment moderation on until then.

Friday, March 20, 2009

RIP, Mel Brown

Via PSA at Canadian Cynic, I've learned that Mel Brown has passed away. I spent many a Wednesday night at Kitchener's Pop the Gator during my much younger university days.

RIP, Mel.

Send Me to Vancouver

We interrupt this blog for a pledge moment.

Like a few other Liberal bloggers, I have been selected to be a delegate to the Liberal Party biennial convention in Vancouver.

Part of the joys of participating in partisan politics is paying fees to attend these conventions.

With this convention, the Liberal Party has made it possible for us to offset some of the cost of the delegate fees by actively seeking donations. You can see my personal page on Liberal.ca by clicking the link below. As a free bonus, just for clicking the link, you get to see me pictured in front of the legendary Bluesmobile.

Click here to help me out.

Any help is appreciated. In fact, any help to any Liberal is appreciated.

If you're a Liberal attending the convention, and would like to take part in some fundraising, click here to get started.

Final Thoughts on Ontario PC Leadership Race

Elizabeth Witmer's out. I'm out too.

Have fun folks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back that Goodyear Truck Up

I like piling on Gary Goodyear as much as the next guy, but Marc Garneau is right despite claims to the contrary by critics of the Liberal party.
On Tuesday, Liberal science critic Marc Garneau said that believing in evolution is not a job requirement for the science minister.

“It is a personal matter. It is a matter of faith.… I don't think it prevents someone from being a good minister,” said the former astronaut, who has been a vocal critic of the government for its cuts to the three granting councils that fund university-based research in Canada.
It's not what someone believes that is dangerous for a politician, it's how much that personal belief shapes their perception of public policy. Right now, neither the Conservative Party nor Gary Goodyear have given us any indication that they believe in the scientific process. Rather, they allow their personal impressions of academia in general dictate public policy.

I don't expect a Minister of Health to understand surgery or pharmaceuticals -- even if she is a doctor -- but I do expect a Minister of Health to take professional advice when setting up policy regarding governance of the medical profession. I expect a broad consultative process to take place.

Today, as in the past, the Conservative government formulates opinion on public policy without even asking the basic questions.

Gary Goodyear Loves Evolving

Hot on the heels of us finding out that Gary Goodyear loves evolution, we learn that he loves evolving all the time!
"We are evolving every year, every decade. That's a fact, whether it is to the intensity of the sun, whether it is to, as a chiropractor, walking on cement versus anything else, whether it is running shoes or high heels, of course we are evolving to our environment. But that's not relevant and that is why I refused to answer the question. The interview was about our science and tech strategy, which is strong."
Ouch, the burning.

When pressed for his thoughts on gravity, the Minister said he is impacted by gravity every day whenever a funeral procession goes by - "You can't help but be impacted by the gravity of the situation."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gary Goodyear Loves Evolution

Gary Goodyear's response when asked if he now believes in evolution:
Well, I said evolution is a great theory. You know, all of us who get involved in science spend a lot of time away from religion to read all kinds of theories about science, probably get in many ways the most rewarding experience you could have, you know.

It's not backyard science, you don't see all the hot scientists and all the great experiments but you get a real sense -- the kind old and the of sciencey stuff I've done, especially the last seven or eight months, you get a real sense of evolution, what it means, who dreamed it up and what its challenges are. And I think this theory has unlimited potential.

That's why I think it would be so exciting to take over at this point in science. But I think it's necessary to make a change if we're going to realize that potential.
After all, he was caught off guard.

Updated: If it's too subtle, read the original.

A New Dark Age

Impolitical points out that the Canada's New Conservative Harper Government is attempting to usher in a new Dark Age, led by Gary Goodyear.

Coincidentally enough, the Tories trot out their Science Policy Advisor, Preston Manning, to tell us how the science community can best help the Canadian economy by telling us how the Tories are a great friend to scientific research. After all, it's up to the scientific community to research science that makes the most money.

I can't believe I used to go out with these people.

Updated: No wait! Tories love science! They give out awards!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Couple of Comments on the PC Leadership Race

If I were still an Ontario Progressive Conservative, the only sitting MPP I would consider supporting for a leadership bid is Elizabeth Witmer. And, by all reports, she is not running.

I also wonder if a darling of the Blue Tory camp gets selected leader and should the PCs lose the next election, how many will be calling for a 80% leadership approval rate in 2012? If I were supporting a candidate for the Conservative party leadership, I would ask that question of the candidate as a condition of my support; would they step down if they do not receive an 80% approval rate in the convention following an election loss? After all, it was all the rage the last time the party tried to oust John Tory.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being Liberal = Ratings

I'd just like to point out that since I've become a Liberal, the number of Facebook friends I have has gone through the roof.

Friday, March 06, 2009

The New Principled Conservatism

It's now about not making any sense, whatsoever.

Adam "Red Tories Killed the Radio Star" Daifallah comes along to remind us of his past conservative words of wisdom in light of John Tory's defeat in yesterday's by-election.

Regardless of what happens, let this be the last time any Conservative party jettisons a conservative agenda in the hopes of winning just by showing up and trying to be nice. We've seen that movie once too often.
Adam wants Conservative parties to jettison a conservative agenda in the hopes of staying in power, though.

After all, the "Conservative government has made some strides".

That's for another book, though.

And you all wondered why there's now an Ontario Liberal Party logo on my sidebar.

The Morning After the Night Before

I know there's a whack of you just waiting to find out what I think of John Tory's defeat.

More later.