Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Scourge of Boating Licenses

Boating licenses are evidence of the encroachment of the nanny state and the decline of conservatism? So says Adam Daifallah.
But where conservatism is definitely losing the battle and has for many years without any sign of push back is on what I would call the "nanny state" issues -- the gradual encroachment of state involvement into more and more areas of our lives through regulation. Smoking by-laws, banning this and that behaviour, boating licenses, gun registration, etc... are all rampant and there's no sign of it slowing down.
I thought the so-called nanny-state was the hallmark of the new conservative revolution. What with it in the hands of deficit-loving, big spending Blue Tories and proselytizing, uber-government, social conservatives, Adam.

Maybe in your next book, instead of trashing Joe Clark and Red Toryism, you can look at what really has set Canadian conservatism back instead of worrying about what a mayor in Edmonton is proposing.

Updated: Cleaned up some of the wording.

Updateded: Why didn't you people tell me there's no such word as "scurge"? :)

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Mike said...

Adam doesn't even realize that the Conservative Party isn't conservative...its the most nanny-state, high spending in your life at every turn government since Trudeau.

He really needs to find a new party before he whines about about conservatism.