Monday, February 23, 2009

Roll Up the Rim Stats 2009

It's time for the third annual tracking of my Roll Up the Rim statistics. I'll update this post as my consumption totals rise up.

As always, I record three statistics.

The first number represents the number of 'Wins'. I will update the post to indicate what I've won and what size of beverage.

The second number represents the number of 'Please Play Agains'.

The third number represents the number of times I did not receive a Roll Up cup. This usually happens twice or three times in the middle of the campaign, as opposed to the trailing end when cups begin to be snatched up.
3 - 59 - 0

Last updated: April 9, 2009.

Update, February 24: Free doughnut; large coffee.
Update, March 6: Free coffee; extra large coffee.
Update, March 11: Free coffee; large coffee.

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