Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Support Michael Ignatieff

I support Michael Ignatieff as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

This is an exciting time to be a new Liberal and I look forward to working toward a Michael Ignatieff leadership victory.

This will be my first Liberal leadership campaign and I plan on working hard, if they'll have me.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Well that's no surprise, given the name of your blog.

Likely your choice will wear the crown. Don't know why the Libs are even bothering for put on a show. There is no leadership race.

Anonymous said...

I'm non-committal right now on this one, but one thing that I think gives Iggy an edge over Bob Rae is the simple fact that the Cons have the money to try to define the new Liberal leader almost right away. They have GOT to be salivating at the prospect of digging up dirt on Rae's fairly dismal performance as Ontario premier.

Tactically, Iggy makes sense.

Patrick Ross said...

But Michael Ignatieff poses his own particular issues.

For example, his initial support of the Iraq war. And if Stephen Harper's eventual mea culpa on Iraq (which came sooner than Ignatieff's) is to be judged suspect, then Ignatieff's would have to be treated the same way.

Not to mention Ignatieff's writings on torture, which can be misread to suggest that torture is OK so long as it's legalized.

Anonymous said...

The torture thing would be a complete misrepresentation of a scholarly work. Not that this would be above Conservative tactics, but attacking an opponent on this issue would not seem to be a Harper strategy. Harper doesn't seem so against torture. I suppose the NDP could try this tactic, but it could backfire.

Iraq is something Ignatieff would have to be ready for, but he likely will be. I doubt Canadians are going to think Harper and Ignatieff are interchangeable. Nevertheless, it is Iraq and Afghanistan which paint Ignatieff as on the right. On social issues, there is no indication he is on the right. On financial issues, most Liberals straddle creating wealth, distributing some of it through social programs, and aiming to be fiscally responsible - the middle ground - and Ignatieff is unlikely to be any exception.

I'm not committed to any of them, just most likely to support the Liberals and interested.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I think when evaluating any politician's past to determine how they will perform in the future, you have to look at not just whether or not they have acknowledged a previous error in judgment; that's a very easy thing for someone to do.

You need to assess whether that individual would have learned from their mistakes when presented with the exact same set of circumstances.

It's cliche, I know.

As an example, telling me that Michael Ignatieff initially supported the war in Iraq does nothing for me now. It's more important, to me, whether or not I believe he'd support a similar war in the future. I don't think he would.

I definitely do not get the same feeling from Mr. Harper.

As for Mr. Rae repeating the mistakes of his time as Premier ... some argue they weren't mistakes, some argue he has expressed regret. I don't know...