Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob Rae Launches Leadership Bid

While I have indicated that I will be supporting Michael Ignatieff for leader of the Liberal Party, I will not be using this blog to attack the other Liberal leadership candidates during the race.

Case in point, I would like to point out a great comment on the CBC news article announcing Bob Rae's official bid launch.
Unfortunately, it seems that Bob Rae has allowed history to be rewritten about his record in unflattering and inaccurate terms. Unless he can turn that demonization around during this next leadership bid, he may prove to be the best candidate for the job, but incapable of delivering Ontario (and a government) for the Liberals.

It's ironic that some of Mike Harris' most incompetent cabinet ministers are now in charge of our federal government, but any goodwill that Bob Rae might have earned as Ontario premier is entirely dismissed.
I won't say that I was necessarily the biggest fan of Mr. Rae's tenure as Premier, but Liberals must remember the above comment at every opportunity, regardless of the candidate they support. If the basis of your support is on how Ontario will react to a Bob Rae Liberal leadership, then how did these three get elected twice?

It will be incumbent on Liberals and Team Bob Rae to prepare for the inevitable attacks should Mr. Rae win; we can begin right now.

When debating who would be best to lead Canada as a Liberal Prime Minister, it should be on the merit of their ideas for the future.

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