Monday, September 08, 2008

Not Entirely Surprising

I won't add too much to the chorus of bloggers who are shocked and dismayed that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will not be able to participate in the leaders' debates.

I still believe strongly that Elizabeth May belongs in the leaders' debate.

I understand why Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe do not want to debate. Stephen Harper would give anything to have an excuse not to have a public debate with the other leaders. Gilles Duceppe is at the head of a failing political movement.

I can't for the life of me understand Jack Layton's position [CBC, Greens can't participate in leaders debates, networks rule]:
NDP campaign spokesman Brad Lavigne confirmed late Monday that party leader Jack Layton had said he wouldn't attend the debate if [Green Party leader Elizabeth] May were allowed to participate.
As part of the NDP campaign, Jack Layton is applying for the job of Prime Minister -- a new kind of strong. Sounds a lot like the old kind of strong we have now.

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