Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Throwing this Out There

I'm not sure anyone noticed this or thought about this, but, would it not be advantageous for the Conservative Party to have an election prior to their policy convention this November?

It could be argued that the Conservative Party is the only party where not having a policy convention before an election is a good thing.

The last thing a communication-fearing party needs is an embarrassing policy convention leading into an election. Stephen Harper would entirely control the Conservative agenda in an October election, but not so much so in a December or January one where the Opposition could potentially attack recently-made policy proposals. Not necessarily that any would pass, mind you.

Again, just throwing it out there.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yup, JimmyBoy, it's a weird and wonderful strategy them Cons got goin'. The Green Party postponed our convention by two weeks after Harper called the by-elections and they conflicted. Now, it looks like we're gonna call of our convention altogether on accounta the Oct 14 date with destiny.

The convention woulda given us an added boost and I was planning to make the trek down to Pictou. It ain't officially canceled but I been talkin' to a big party official up in Ottawa who says if the Oct 14 election happens, the GPC convention is off. You heard it here first.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Heard and read it here first! :)

On the bright side, if an election is called, and the Conservatives lose - at least there will be an already scheduled opportunity for Stephen Harper to resign.

Dan said...

Harper already has policies, haven't you seen the ads? His platform includes having young children and being a nice man. Or something.

Stephen K said...

Yeah, that could be pretty embarrassing. I wouldn't be surprised.