Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dion Goes to Holland

I attended my second ever Liberal event yesterday evening; my first as a Liberal.

St├ęphane Dion visited Ajax-Pickering and the campaign office of Mark Holland - this was the "opening act" to Mark Holland's official campaign office opening. Sharing the stage with Mr. Dion and Mark, were Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East), Brent Fullard (Whitby-Oshawa), Martha Hall Findlay (Willowdale), John McCallum (Markham-Unionville), and Bryan Ransom (Durham).

The energy in the room was incredibly positive. The message was positive.

Mr. Dion focused his visit on backing local candidates, introducing Brent Fullard, who will be replacing Jim Flaherty in Whitby-Oshawa, and talking about the Green Shift.

Quote of the night ... "I gave clarity to Canada, Stephen Harper gave Flaherty to Canada".

Here are some pictures I took with my cellphone camera - I apologize for the quality. I was in a bit of a rush to get there, so I didn't grab my real camera. I tried to get a close up as Mr. Dion walked by on his way out, but then the media cameras were doing a human bulldoze down the middle aisle.

The Big Red Bus
Dan McTeague has some more pictures over at his campaign blog. has more coverage. I even make an appearance in their video.


Deb Prothero said...

Gotta love the quote of the night. I have found Dion to be exceptionally witty when you get a chance to see him in person. Hopefully this comes out more as the campaign goes on.

Unknown said...

Doesn't that mean you need to change your tagline now? You're not a Tory anymore. Though I really think you should have become a Dipper.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...


I still like to think of myself as a Tory -- I just don't think the Conservatives are Tories anymore (they're so cons and my new favourite phrase - 'corporate libertarians' - I learn so much because I blog).

As far as the Dipper thing goes, I don't really have any objections to the NDP -- I've voted for them in the past. I hold a lot of similar positions, agree with a lot of what they say -- but I disagree with a lot too. Plus, requiring membership in the provincial wing is a non-starter.

I think I see the federal Liberal Party having changed somewhat - the platform released is more centrist, something I can get behind.

Truthfully, I think a Red Tory could join either the NDP or Libs equally.