Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Does it Mean when a Guy Leaves his Stuff at Your Apartment?

I've heard that women wonder what it means when their boyfriend leaves their stuff at their apartment [CBC, Bernier quits cabinet post over security breach]:

The resignation came ahead of Monday night's airing of a French-language television interview of Bernier's former girlfriend, Julie Couillard, in which she revealed the minister had left a secret document in her apartment sometime in April that she later returned to Foreign Affairs.

"Maxime came to my house, and the document stayed there," Couillard said during her interview with private television network TVA, without disclosing the contents of the document.
Well, let's turn to Yahoo! Answers for the answers to that time honoured question, shall we? Here is a snippet [typos copied as written]:

What does it mean when a guy leaves his stuff at your apartment?

When he had his own place, or when he was staying on campus, and he cleaned up, he'd put all my stuff in a small pile and say "here...here's your crap." "Don't forget your crap" or something. Very territorial, I guess.

But when I'm cleaning up my apartment, and I find a pile of his stuff lying aroun (and he's always had a habit of leaving his dirty boxers/undershirts/whatever else around) I'd fold/pile it up and say: "Here, I found some of your stuff, if you want to take it with you."

And he says to me: "No, you can hold on to that for awhile."

Answerer 1: My honest advice is, he has double standards. Especially the term he uses for your stuff when he finds it at his. How would he feel if you called his stuff that?

Answerer 4: he trusts you enough to consider you a friend, and perhaps more. i would consider it a compliment.

Answerer 5: Dogs on fire hydrants, apes pounding their chests. polygamy...definately a control and territorial thing.

Put your foot down and tell him to take his stuff withhim when he leaves or marry you and then he cankeep it there. That ought to do it!

Answerer 10: I think you probably went too far with a guy who is too uncommitted and too unprepared to be in a serious relationship.

Answerer 11: It sounds like he's a real jerk!! I'm sorry. Why are you even putting up with his "crap"?

Answerer 12: It means he wants to lay some claim to your territory, but he doesn't want you to have any in his. He wants others to see that you have a man in your life, but he doesn't want any evidence that there is a female in his.

There you have it. Nothing like taking a serious security breach completely out of context.

I'm totally not going to get accredited now.

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