Thursday, April 03, 2008

NDP Attacks Conservative "Stance" on Net Neutrality in House

When will the Conservative Party ensure there is a free and open competitive market with respect to the internet?
“This government’s hands-off approach to hands-on interference is bad news for Canada’s innovation agenda. The telecom giants have no right to decide which ideas are pushed into the fast lane and which ideas are left on the back roads,” said [NDP spokesperson on digital issues, Charlie] Angus.
The first response, by those that support the telecom monopolies, is that we should use our wallets and go to another service - one like Teksavvy perhaps.

This position puts the NDP clearly on the same page as the Green Party:
The Green Party of Canada is committed to the original design principle of the internet - network neutrality: the idea that a maximally useful public information network treats all content, sites, and platforms equally, thus allowing the network to carry every form of information and support every kind of application. Green Party MPs will pass legislation granting the Internet in Canada the status of Common Carrier - prohibiting Internet Service Providers from discriminating due to content while freeing them from liability for content transmitted through their systems.
Good for the NDP and the Greens.

Does the Liberal party have a position on net neutrality? The Conservative position is disappointing to say the least for a party that supposedly supports a free market.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Of course, it now becomes clear that, for the moment, moving to Teksavvy won't help either (accept in as much as it hurts Bell's pocketbook) because Bell is throttling THEIR traffic too!!!

Everyone on Facebook who's interested in these issues should join the Canadians for Net Neutrality group here. Maybe if they get 40,000 or so members, Minister Prentice will pull his head out of... wherever it is (again).

I wrote about this whole thing today myself and I hope a bit of a flurry develops that forces the government to put the rights and needs of consumers (otherwise known as CITIZENS) ahead of those of corporations (in this case, otherwise known as MONOPOLIES).

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

All great information, LKO.